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What Do Search Engines Look For In A Website?


Search engines can tell how long each and every visitor to your site stays on each and every page of your site. They measure “bounce rate”, the average number of times visitors land on your site and leave immediately, and “average length of time” visitors stay on the pages of your site. This is to determine if your site is relevant to the search being conducted. Which is directly related to the most important aspect of SEO today, CONTENT.

  The content that appears on your website is very important. Search engines and website evaluators determine the quality of your website content. Google recently updated its guidelines which use Expert, Authority and Trustworthiness as guidelines of quality content. (search quality guidelines)

 Search engines study the number and types of links to your site and also within your site. You found this sentence by following an inbound text link from another page. This is an example of an internal link within my site.  External links are links from, or to, other sites. Search engines categorize and rate these links. Some are given more weight than others. You do not want to add "unnatural links." (more information)

 Tags and keywords are still important in Search. You should use keyword research to implement keywords in your content. In the meta data and HTML code are some important items that need to be added. The pages title and a brief description of the page content. In addition Headings in text need to be labeled with the appropriate HTML tags of h1 and h2. Also, Illustrations, videos, and photographs should all have alternative descriptions.

  Another code item that is important is the .XML file. The automatic search engine "crawlies" that crawl your website look for a Site map. If your site has this file then the robots can index your website. Your web professional should introduce your .XML file to each of the available search engines.

  How fast does your page load?

  Is it built for mobile as well as desktop?

  Does it work on all browsers?

  These questions are all related to how the code of your website is written. (W3C is the organization working to standardize web code).

   The Domain name itself is also relevant. Obviously it will help if your websites name is relevant to your product or service. This is important for developing your brand, also  when potential visitors are trying to find you.

  And the longer you have had your domain name registered the better.

  I hope this short article has demonstrated what SBH Web Design LLC can do for your

Search Engine Optimization.


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