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Showing Up in a Google Search is a High Priority for Business Websites.


In 2021 Google added Core Web Vitals in Search Console Google Core Web Vitals are now a part of Google's algorithm for determining a Business's rank in Search Results.

Google holds 91.4% of market share over all other search engines.

It has been proven time and again that faster websites have higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, better visitor satisfaction rates, and improved organic search engine rankings.
Consider that a one-second delay in page load can result in:

  • 7% reduction in conversion rate
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
  • 11% decrease in page reviews
  • 3 seconds is the time it takes for 53% of Internet users to leave your website if it hasn't loaded.
  • 10 seconds is the length of time it takes for 75% of all websites to load.
  • Some businesses have found that every additional second of page load time results in 15-20% lower revenue and sales.
  • SBH Web Design LLC specializes in lightning fast websites that tell your story and help you stand out online.

How Well Does Your Website Score With Google?