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The Importance of Adding New Content to Your Website

Fresh Content Keeps Your Website Relevant

March 2020

Frequently adding new articles to your website’s blog lets you keep your website up-to-date and relevant. If you look at a competitor’s website and blog, look at the most recent article. When was it written? It is a mistake to allow your website’s blog to languish.

Are Visuals and Videos a Good Idea?

Definitely! People are busy and your site visitors and customers are no different. They’ll appreciate being able to come to your site to find what they need quickly. Otherwise they may end up going to your competitor’s blog. And even worse, they may decide to get the service or product they need elsewhere. Visuals also add more artistic interest to your blog articles.

By adding visuals, you allow your site’s visitors to scan more quickly through your article. Visuals are able to say so much more than you can in a much shorter time. Images, such as photographs, drawings and videos are more visually interesting. Your site visitors are more likely to return if they get interested in what you have to say. Images also bring out or evoke emotions in your readers, which may lead to them purchasing a product or service that you sell.

Posting Frequently Places You Higher In Search Results

Google does crawl through websites to look for new content. Search engines prefer fresh content, and perceive from new quality content that you are an expert. Your site will be promoted in Search Results, boosting it to top pages because of your new articles. Those newer articles may be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing them.

Google Likes New Content

Knowing that Google rewards more active websites, it’s easy to see why businesses need to continually add new articles.
If the idea of adding more written content to your website makes you cringe, you may wish to hire a professional writer.

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