My Two Cents About WordPress

January 28, 2022

Google long ago confirmed that page speed is a ranking factor in their algorithm. So if your site's slow, you're not only providing a bad experience for those who do find you — you're lessening the chance they'll find you in the first place.
John Moore Williams

There are many reasons for businesses competing for on-line customers to have a high performance website. Sales, user experience, conversion rates, bounce rates, search results position;

a 5% increase in conversion rates
found a strong correlation between Largest Contentful Paint and conversion rate
increased mobile revenue by 42% by focusing on Core Web Vitals

Page load speed did not begin with Google's Core Web Vitals , but it has never been more "Vital" for a business website to perform well.

When WordPress forked from B2/cafelog in 2003 there were only a few systems available for non-developers to build a website. WordPress has continued to gain popularity ever since.
Despite the plethora of available options in 2021, WordPress has become the preferred Content Management System (CMS ) of our time.

WP accounts for about 39.5% of the entire Web and 62% of CMS-built websites.
WordPress is used by 42.8% of... websites as of October 2021.

And why not? It is free. It is relatively easy to use for creating websites. Writing up a new blog and publishing is a breeze, and you do not need to be concerned about managing your blog collection as WordPress does that for you. WordPress (like all content management systems) makes managing products easy as well. But, WP sites are slow, mostly due to WordPress plug-ins.

There are many very good Web Developers, but also some not so good Web Developers, working on Word Press, WP themes and WP plug-ins. Choices of themes and Plugins can make a big difference in Core Web Vitals Scores.

I've been a WordPress apologist supporter for a long time.
Chris Ferdinandi

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of open source and the importance of all of the world's citizens having a voice on today's media, and WordPress has played an important role in the Democratization of the web. If you are a blog writer, and want an easy system to use, by all means use WordPress.

There are a plethora of DIY website builders, but as a business person, you need to be concerned about Core Web Vitals Scores.

The graph below only goes to 60%:

graph of wordpress, wix, shopify, and squarespace Core Web Vitals Performance

Isn't 60% a D?

When I first used WordPress in 2015, it was new to me. As such, it was exhilarating to learn about the new possibilities. From a designer's point of view, however, I soon became disappointed about things I could not change in my design.

Seven years later, my opinion of WP hasn't improved.
The scores I have been able to get from WP websites :

Speed Test Score: 52, WordPress webpage
Speed Test Score: 86, WordPress webpage
Speed Test Score: 66, WordPress webpage

I have obtained better results with Webflow:

Speed Test Score: 93. SBH Web Design Webflow site
Speed Test Score: 98, Webflow webpage

Or, even better a static Html website

Speed Test Score: 99. SBH Web Design html/css site
Speed Test Score: 99. SBH Web Design html/css site

As long as I am making comparisons, I cannot recommend Adobe Muse either:

Speed Test Score: 77, Adobe Muse  webpage


Businesses want higher conversion rates, and the best possible position on search pages. SBH Web Design can improve your Core Web Vitals Scores.