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emotional words to add to your content and improve your sales

Creating Emotions in Your Writing

May 2020

Writing to affect Emotion

“The baby cried.”

“The baby wailed, his face growing redder and redder, his limbs flailing frantically.”

Which sentence makes you feel for the baby’s anger that he isn’t being attended to? The second one. You want someone to pick him up, comfort him and just rest him on your shoulder until he calms down.

The second example is emotional writing. It allows readers to invest themselves in what you write, whether it’s advertising copy or fiction. By paying attention to the words, you should be able to add in some wording that invokes emotion in your readers.

Why Use Emotive Language?

Emotive language or emotional words in writing can help you to create a written presentation that, through the emotions readers feel, allows you to gain some additional sales.

Just like adding a few well-chosen images to your blog posts, using emotional writing allows you to make a stronger connection to your readers and customers.

This doesn’t give you license to stuff your copy with hundreds of emotive words. Rather, by choosing just a few emotion-invoking words, you should be able to get your customers to trust that you know what you’re talking about.

What is the Purpose of Emotive Language?

The main purpose is to draw out an emotion or range of emotions that allow you to create an influence on your customers. You have a product or service they may need.

Emotive words can bring across a threatening or negative emotion: “Cybersecurity threats are on the rise. And sooner rather than later, they will hit your company’s network.”

Or emotive language can evoke positivism: “By choosing the right Cybersecurity firm, you can protect your computers and your customers’ privacy.”

Choose the Right Words for Your Copy

Using the Cybersecurity example above, you want to choose the right words for your customers’ state of mind. In this hypothetical example, they may have been hacked. Or they may have heard that ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Knowing your customer is either angry, frustrated or feeling fear, you want to make use of that in your copy. You’re trying to get them to decide which company they are going to use. If they know you’re aware of what they are feeling, they may choose you over another company.

Connect with Your Readers’ Emotions

No matter what your product or service is, you should be able to create positivism in the blog posts you write. Find ways of putting yourself into customers’ situations so that, when they are trying to decide who to hire, your company will be their choice.

In your copy writing is the time to create those positive emotions. You know how to help them prevent future issues. And when you let them know that, they will feel relief and possibly happiness at having found what they need.

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