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Handcrafted Sites

Christy Saldate Therapeutic Massage

Christ Saldate had never had a website before.  She gave me free reign on her website design.

Animal Village NM

When Sonny Aris first contacted me, she wanted to add pages  so that people could sponsor animals housed at this Alamogordo, NM no-kill animal shelter. I was surprised to find that their Wix site did not work on (much less look it’s best on) all devices. I think you will find that all twenty-nine pages of this animal site now look great, on all devices! And as the sponsorships begin adding up, Animal Village will have more resources to take care of homeless pets!

Ms Campbell's Silly Gooses

Janey Campbell created a website to be an online gallery to showcase the art of our next generation. Loved by parents who log on to see what their children are creating, the world, too, can visit and be inspired by the creativity of children.

Word Press Sites

Wellspring Now

Wellspring's previous website needed to be updated. The current caretakers of the website were already familiar with Word Press and are now maintaining their site themselves.

Janey's Pottery

Janey's Pottery, is an example of an e-commerce website.

Patricia Gray: Body Synergy Massage

Patricia needed a website that allowed her business and personal philosophy to shine through. Her first site was built with Adobe Muse.

In order for Patricia to have more control over her site, we took down the first site built with Adobe Muse and replaced it with a site built with Word Press. The Word Press Dashboard makes it easy to teach clients to maintain their own sites.

Icons by the hand of Connie Koumjian

Connie’s website is an example of why Word Press is used as the platform for 25% of all websites. Connie writes her own blogs and creates iconography, which needs to be uploaded on a regular basis. Therefore, she needs to be able to maintain her site herself. The ease of Word Press means that I could help Connie learn to easily manage her own content.




Art by Steven Brian Harris 2015

Robin Tunney

Art by Steven Brian Harris 2017

Improving technique

Art by Steven Brian Harris 2017


Art by Steven Brian Harris 2017

Mastering technique

Art by Steven Brian Harris 2017

Created for Ms Campbell's Silly Gooses

Art by Steven Brian Harris 2016

Robin Tunney

Art by Steven Brian Harris 2016

Post Card

Art by Steven Brian Harris 2016


Art by Steven Brian Harris 2018

Josh Holloway

Art by Steven Brian Harris 2017

Joni for the Health Alternatives website

Art by Steven Brian Harris 2018

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Marketing and Branding

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